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  • Kid's Garden Kit - Small


    Give your children their very own dedicated garden space this year with Beag's Kid's Garden Kit. This all-in-one gardening solution provides seeds, fertilizer and a grow bag to make growing and cleanup a fun and easy summertime activity for your family. 


    In this package, you will find:

    1 18x24" burlap sack, 5 kid sized packs of seeds, 5 plastic 'greenhouse bags'*, 5 paper clips*, 1 package of Sea Magic Fertilizer, 1 instruction sheet and 1 piece of paper towelling for cleanup. 

    The small garden kit will create a garden approximately 16 inches in diameter. Just add some garden soil and let your kids watch their own veggies grow.


    Choose from these 5 Small Kid's Garden Kits:

    Seed Choice 1: Koralik Tomato, Matchbox Lettuce Mix, Cherrybelle Radish
    Seed Choice 2: Beam's Yellow Pear Tomato, Five Colour Silverbeet Swiss Chard, Chiogga Beet

    Seed Choice 3: Nasturtium, Matchbox Lettuce Salad Mix, Cherrybelle Radish

    Seed Choice 4: Capriglio Peppers (Yellow or Red), Red Russian Kale, Chiogga Beet

    Seed Choice 5: Green Arrow Peas, Pak Choy, Cherrybelle Radish


    *Included if needed to start the seeds in your Seed Group Choice. If they aren't needed, they will not be included with your kit.