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  • Kid's Garden Kit - Large


    Give your children their very own dedicated garden space this year with Beag's Kid's Garden Kit. This all-in-one gardening solution provides seeds, fertilizer and a grow bag to make growing and cleanup a fun and easy summertime activity for your family. The large garden kit includes enough seeds to plant more than once through the growing season as seasonal veggies are harvested. 


    In this package, you will find:

    1 24x 36" burlap sack, 7 kid sized packs of organic Matchbox Garden seeds, 10 plastic 'greenhouse bags'*, 10 paper clips*, 1 package of Sea Magic Fertilizer, 1 instruction sheet and 1 piece of paper towelling for cleanup. 

    The large garden kit will create a garden 24 x 36 inches. Just add some garden soil and let your kids watch their own veggies grow.


    Choose from these 4 Large Kid's Garden Kits:

    Seed Choice 1: Gold Rush Beans, Koralik Tomato, Winter Zeppelin Delicata Squash, Red Russian Kale, Cherrybelle Radish, White Italian Sunflower, Green Arrow Peas
    Seed Choice 2: Green Arrow Peas, Loewens Family Ground Cherry, Capriglio Red Pepper, Five Colour Silverbeet Swiss Chard, Chiogga Beet, Royal Burgundy Beans, Matchbox Lettuce Mix
    Seed Choice 3: Winter Waltham Butternut Squash, Nasturtium, Beam's Yellow Pear Tomato, Gold Rush Beans, Matchbox Lettuce Mix, Red Russian Kale, Cherrybelle Radish

    Seed Choice 4: Small Sugar Pie Pumpkin, Winter Waltham Butternut Squash, White Italian Sunflower, Royal Burgundy Beans, Gold Rush Beans, Green Arrow Peas, Cherrybelle Radish


    *Included if needed to start the seeds in your Seed Choice. If they aren't needed, they will not be included with your kit.