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  • Fall Garden Planting Kit

    C$6.50 Regular Price
    C$5.00Sale Price

    Fall gardens are one of the joys of gardening - just when you think your garden is done producing, it surprises you one last time with a great harvest of fall veggies! But who has time to plant these wonderful fall gardens? 


    The Beag Fall Garden Planting Kit includes one burlap bag and a small seed kit - enough seed for one fall crop. Just add your choice of soil to the burlap bag, place in a sunny location, plant the accompanying seeds and water. Before you know it, you will be harvesting some great tasting fall greens! And at the end of the season, cleanup is a breeze. When you harvest your last crop, simply add your burlap bag and its soil contents to your compost heap and the cleanup is done.


    Choose from your favourite fall crops, or grab one of each kind -

    Royal Burgundy Beans,

    Red Russian Kale,
    Lacinto Kale,
    Swiss Chard, 


    All Beag Fall Planter Kits include certified organic Matchbox Gardens seed, locally sourced from a small farm near Guelph, Ontario. 

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