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  • Emerite Pole Bean


    About this plant: Emerite Pole Beans are a tall climbing pole bean with great flavour. This French heirloom holds well on the vine taking a long time to get stringy. Usual harvest period is 60 days. Plants can reach 10 ft tall. Trellis well, great for small spaces.


    There are 25 seeds in this package.


    About Matchbox Garden and Seed Co.: Matchbox is owned by Hanna Jacobs, a seed producer, farmer, bird watcher, insect lover, mother, food and garden geek. In 2006 she began Matchbox Garden & Seed Co. as a way to provide reliable and safe food for her family and others in the community. Matchbox is a certified organic farm and seed company, 2019 marks their 5th year of organic certification with Ecocert Canada. In addition to producing food, seed, and plants, Matchbox has been a participant in the Bauta Family Initiative for Canadian Seed Security, and a plant producer for the Black Creek Community Gardening Network.