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  • Amish Paste Tomato


    About this plant: Amish Paste Tomato is an heirloom variety, the Amish Paste hails from Lancaster, PA. It's a strong producer, giving fruit until heavy frosts set in. Unsurpassed flavour for saucing, this variety doesn't need any sweeteners to get that sweet tomato sauce taste. Just cook down with a little salt and pepper and you have the perfect tomato sauce base. Plants can grow up to 5 ft tall and require trellising for best results. Indeterminate

    There are 25 seeds in this package.


    About Matchbox Garden and Seed Co.: Matchbox is owned by Hanna Jacobs, a seed producer, farmer, bird watcher, insect lover, mother, food and garden geek. In 2006 she began Matchbox Garden & Seed Co. as a way to provide reliable and safe food for her family and others in the community. Matchbox is a certified organic farm and seed company, 2019 marks their 5th year of organic certification with Ecocert Canada. In addition to producing food, seed, and plants, Matchbox has been a participant in the Bauta Family Initiative for Canadian Seed Security, and a plant producer for the Black Creek Community Gardening Network.