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When The Kids Steal Your Newspaper (Before You Read It!)

Newspapers are truly a magical thing in the hands of a creative child. Isn’t that so? Folded into a simple hat or ripped and glued into a piñata, or any million different things in between, a newspaper is just truly great. 

Earlier today, I realized again this oft forgotten truth.

 It happened this way:

This year, our kids decided that they are going to have the biggest plant sale ever. After all, this is the third plant sale (in as many years), and as such, apparently, should be HUGE. And since pretty much anyone that knows me knows that I am a pushover when it comes to children and gardening, the kids knew that I would likely do everything in my power to help them make this sale 'huge'. In any case, as everything with kids usually is, the rush to make this plant sale EPIC happened to be very last minute. 

And I found myself struggling with the very real question - how do you pot up seedlings for a plant sale without any spare pots to plant them in??? 

In the past we may have been talking twenty or thirty plants looking for larger pots and we have often had spare plastic nursery pots kicking around. This year, our paltry box of spare nursery pots wasn’t cutting it. The kids raided my seedling starts and had designs on including as many in their sale as absolutely possible. We are talking more than a hundred. Thirty pots just wasn't going to be enough.

So, after fruitlessly searching in every nook and cranny of our home for forgotten nursery pots, I turned to Google to answer my question.

And I found the answer: Newspaper seedling pots! (You can find the video we followed here.)

And once again I was amazed and reminded, all at once, about the great possibilities that can be found in a simple sheet of newspaper. And although I wasn’t all that happy that the kids jumped on the bandwagon and stole ALL the newspaper in the house before I had finished reading it, I was excited to see that it took less than an hour for kids to fold 100 newspaper seedling pots. How truly awesome is that? Free, kid friendly and problem solving!

Now, I wouldn’t likely expect these pots to last for more than a couple of weeks, but they are a great use of recycled goods, won’t hurt the environment like their plastic counterparts, and are absolutely perfect for planting seeds that don’t like their roots disturbed once they start growing - anything like squash, zucchini, or cucumber. That, and our last minute EPIC plant sale can go ahead, with all the little plants safely planted up and ready to move along to their new homes. 

Would your young gardener ever try folding their own seedling pots?


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