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What is a Seed Starting Challenge?

Well.... I can't speak for any other seed starting challenge, but this seed starting challenge is a little about experimenting and alot about just challenging ourselves to actually get those little seeds planted!

The experimenting part is just plain old fun for our kids (and, I am willing to admit that it is plain old fun for me too): which plants will grow faster or bigger? Will it be the ones planted in the recycled cups? The yogurt containers? Or maybe the ice cream cones?

And the getting those little seeds planted, well the best part of that is that when we plant our seeds for the challenge, we are all just getting that much closer to getting plants in spring gardens.

The most exciting part of this whole Seed Starting Challenge? There is a prize! When you join us, all you have to do is comment on our facebook page and post one (1) photo of a planting any one (1) day of the challenge. The contest ends Monday, April 1st, 2019 at 12pm est. Drawing will take place Tuesday, April 2nd and the winner will be notified by facebook messenger.

The prize is a grow pack including three (3) kid sized organic seed packs (including (1)koralik tomato, (1) sweet capriglio yellow pepper, and (1) loewen family ground cherry) and one (1) package Sea Magic Fertilizer to get those seeds growing well!

Our week long seed challenge is this: For each of 7 days, we will try one different ‘thing' to plant seeds in. 

Day 1 - recycled paper coffee cup. Save that cup after your last cup of joe and we’ll see how plants grow in there! (Save the lid too.)

Day 2 - recycled yogurt container. Single serve yogurt cups are the best, but any size will do. Save the lid if you have it!

Day 3 - recycled tin can. Save those cans, but please practice safety here and use one of those can openers that leaves a dull edge so no sharp edges are exposed (or have parents assist).

Day 4 - recycled juice box. Single serve boxes are the best, but any size will do. 

Day 5 - recycled toilet paper roll. Save those rolls!

Day 6 - ice cream cone. This one has really has to use organic ice cream cones, but what could be more fun than trying this?

Day 7 - a stick or a log with a hole or deep crack in it.

Our challenge will start Monday, March 25th, 2019. We hope you will join us and plant some seeds this week!


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