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Three Little Tin Can 'Gardens'

Our third day of the seed starting challenge had us scrambling to grab some tin cans from the recycling bin before they were put out to the curb, but since this challenge is all about using recycled household goods to help get the garden growing, the kids were more than willing to dig through a little recycling!

I have to say that of the three different recycled goods we have used this week so far, the tin can is my absolute favourite from just a looks standpoint alone. I find a plant in a tin can is just a very simple beautiful thing. 

But, the downside of planting in a tin can is the obvious sharp edges. We are not lucky enough to have a can opener that allows for dull edges, and since I suffered a minor scratch getting the tin cans rinsed and ready for planting, we kept this particular planting day for the older kids. We also used grabbed a small stick and dubbed it our ‘very important planting tool’ for this project because it poked holes in the soil for planting without any need for fingers to go near the sharp edges of the tin can. Parental involvement and caution is definitely recommended for planting in tin cans!!! 

In the end though, the cans were filled with soil, the seeds were placed carefully in their stick-made holes and then carefully covered with the same sticks, and the project was completed with no more scratches or abrasions.

The plantings were covered with plastic (recycled ziplock bags in our case) tied on with string to keep in the moisture and encourage our little seedlings to grow.

And they look good! Really good! 

We have 2 more tomatoes planted, 2 more cucumbers and 4 more zinnias. This is going to be a great garden!


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