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Tea, Sunny Windows, Crayons and Kids

Spring. Can you feel it coming? 

The calendar says that there are 17 days until the very first day of spring! (Only 17!!!!)

Let's pause here, be thankful, and do a little dance of joy - spring is coming! The sun is getting warmer, the birds are singing, and the kids are itching to get outside more often. 

And yet, spring coming means that there are great things to be done! These are the days, the still-snowy and not-yet-warm days, that are perfect for finding a nice sunny window and dreaming about the summer garden to come. This is the time to get all our larger-than-life dreams out of our winter-weary heads and on to paper where they can be treasured and turned into reality. 

Give it a try. Brew a pot of tea, find a sunny window, grab some paper and crayons and a child and see what dreams you can make a reality for your garden this year.

This is such a wonderfully fun thing to do and besides sharing some basic spacial thinking and planning skills with our kids, this experience can show us so much about what our kids' dreams are. Here is a little example of how such planning happened here: 

Our 2019 garden: A Child's Plan


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