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Sticks and Logs and Seeds

This Seed Starting Challenge has seen us plant in recycled containers of all kinds: coffee cups, plastic containers, tin cans, juice boxes, and toilet paper rolls. And then we planted in ice cream cones. Today, for our final Seed Starting Challenge Day, we are planting in a stick or log - really, any stick like thing that has a hole or crevice in it that might just be big enough for a seedling to grow. 

The unfortunate part of things here is that we left our stick hunting for a fun weekend activity, but the weather has not been helpful. As the rains continued yesterday, and the rain waters grew into very large puddles (or very small ponds), our hopes for finding the perfect stick were almost dashed.


Until we found a stash of sticks and stones from our summertime rambles last year. While we didn’t find the perfect stick, we were able to stay dry and we ended up with a beautiful piece of bark - deep and wide enough to get some seedlings started. 

Since we were only able to find the one, we planted only zinnias today and I think that once they grow, this little piece of bark will be beautiful covered with its growing plants.

So, on went the planting: soil, seed, water and then the bark, soil, seed and all were placed in a plastic bag and put on the windowsill. 

Our Seed Starting Challenge is complete, but our garden growing has just started! Look at all those seeds:

This is just a reminder that the Seed Starting Challenge contest is only open until Monday April 1st at 12pm. Post your seed starting pics as a comment on the Beag facebook page for your chance to win the grow pack prize including three (3) kid sized organic seed packs (Koralik tomato, Capriglio sweet yellow pepper, Loewen family ground cherry) and 1 package of Sea Magic Fertilizer.


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