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Soil in my Ice Cream Cones?

It is raining, cold, and quite miserable outside this morning, but that didn’t stop the kids from thinking of ice cream as I grabbed the ice cream cones for today’s seed starting challenge. Up until now, our planting containers have been fairly traditional.


Today: the humble ice cream cone.

It does make a lot of sense to plant seedlings in something completely organic in nature that can be dropped right in a hole in the garden without disturbing roots. The fact that this ‘thing’ turns out to be an ice cream cone is just a really fun twist for kids. And it really was fun!

For our seedlings, we started with organic ice cream cones simply because there is the possibility (however far removed) of traces of glysophate or other pesticides interfering in the garden if the ice cream cone were not organic, but if you are ultimately planting those cones in a planter, this might not be an issue for you. In any case, it is important that you take a look at your ice cream cones before planting. If the bottom of the cone is more solid, and has more ‘cone’ filled in parts, then it is important to cut off a bit of the bottom of the cone. The cones we used were  open right to the bottom, so we skipped this step and just filled the whole cone with soil.

In went our soil and seeds followed by a light watering. The little tray of planted ice cream cones was quite a fun sight to behold. And after watching the children enjoy this seed starting exercise more than any other day this week, I have to think that this would be a wonderfully fun activity for a summertime kid’s party or day camp. Everyone had a great time!

The biggest challenge to planting the ice cream cones was finding some sort of clear container to put them in for germination that would fit the cones, retain moisture and help those little plants grow. After a little scrounging, the kids came up with a plastic tool box like container and the problem was solved! 

Our seed count is growing! Today added two more zinnias, one more cucumber and two more tomatoes. Our sunny windowsill is definitely getting full. And we are also happy to report that our very first seedling has sprouted. It looks like our garden will most definitely have cucumbers this year!

Will you try planting in ice cream cones? Don't forget to post your own pics on the Beag Facebook page before Monday April 1st, 12pm EST for your chance to win!


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