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Should we all Grow a Victory Garden?

Everywhere you turn yet another gardening website is mentioning Victory Gardens and the need for their resurgence in the world today. After all, Victory Gardens did have a huge role in supporting our troops overseas and feeding our citizens well here at home. They were a very important part of the war effort.

But should we be growing Victory Gardens today? Would it help us fight our fight against Covid-19?

The short answer is yes. Yes, growing gardens in our little area of the world will help with food shortages, food scarcity, and the inevitable rise of foodstuffs in our local grocery stores. Yes, growing gardens in whatever space we have will provide our families with access to amazingly fresh, immune boosting foods just when we need to be mindful of the care and nutrition we are providing our bodies.

Yes, growing gardens, in even a container on a balcony, will provide us with something to busy our hands and still our minds.Growing tasty and great smelling foods give us something to drool over. Growing flowers will provide joy and colour on the dullest and most monotonous of homebound days. And growing mint or another herb will also give us a fabulous cup of tea to enjoy when times are tough. Just growing something is helpful. But, here at Beag, we have had more than one conversation about the reason Victory Gardens were called Victory Gardens. While this pandemic might just be a war on an unseen germ 'enemy' our kids think it is different. And I tend to agree. The littles here at Beag, see growing gardens in this time of social isolation as a way to come together and help our neighbours. Growing and sharing food with neighbours gives us a way to express compassion and emotional connection in a world that is grappling with fear and separation. In our little corner of the world, it starts with the littles planting a whole lot of peas. And spinach and carrots and all sorts of cool weather crops that will be growing to share in just a few weeks. They have planted up extra seedlings for kids that may not have the place to start plants from seeds or have easy access to seedlings once the growing season starts. This work is keeping their hands busy and their minds socially engaged even while isolated from their neighbours and friends. They consider who likes which foods, and how fast they will grow before they are ready to share. We think about faces and real people that will benefit from these gardens and this food. And so, instead of the Victory Gardens of the past, we here at Beag have considered that yes, the world would definitely be a better place if there were more seeds planted this year, but maybe instead of Victory Gardens, there is a much better name. For these gardens, the gardens planted during the pandemic of 2020 are all about coming together and living life connected even when we are kept apart. What do you think? Is a Together Garden a thing? A Sharing Garden? Whatever we call it, we are all in this together. When you plant your garden or your flower box this year, let's plant even just one more seed. For sharing.


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