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Seed Starting Challenge 2019

I don’t know about you, but my kids are happiest when they are playing in mud. Add some water to the mix, and the mud gets muddier and the laughter gets louder.


Throw in some seeds, and you’ve got yourself happy children. And a garden!

Starting seeds is child's play!

There really is no big secret to the best way of planting seeds and kids seem to know this. The whole process is essentially intuitive: have dirt, push seed in, add water and wait. It is often a surprise to see normally impatient children understand and practice patience in their seed planting. And in most cases, the kids are rewarded with little green shoots and barrels of pride. After all, they grew that!

It is no surprise that we believe strongly in the power of children’s gardening. Gardening is good for everyone, it is good for physical and mental health, creativity and learning, yields some truly healthy food, and is just plain fun. But the focus here today is on the fun. Seed starting is just plain old fun. 

You can start seeds anytime, but since this is early spring, the timing couldn’t be better for a great seeding challenge.

Our week long seed challenge is this: For each of 7 days, we will try one different ‘thing' to plant seeds in. 

Day 1 - recycled paper coffee cup. Save that cup after your last cup of joe and we’ll see how plants grow in there! (Save the lid too.)

Day 2 - recycled yogurt container. Single serve yogurt cups are the best, but any size will do. Save the lid if you have it!

Day 3 - recycled tin can. Save those cans, but please practice safety here and use one of those can openers that leaves a dull edge so no sharp edges are exposed (or have parents assist).

Day 4 - recycled juice box. Single serve boxes are the best, but any size will do. 

Day 5 - recycled toilet paper roll. Save those rolls!

Day 6 - ice cream cone. This one has really has to use organic ice cream cones, but what could be more fun than trying this?

Day 7 - a stick or a log with a hole or deep crack in it.

Our challenge will start Monday, March 25th, 2019. Will you join us? 

All you need are the items as listed above, some additional recycled plastic bags and elastic bands, soil and seeds. At the end of a week, you and your kids will have made, memories, and will have planted more than a few plants to start your garden this year.

Let’s get gardening!


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