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Our Top 3 Fave Kid Friendly Garden Flowers

When I asked the little gardeners around here to name their very favourite flowers, the list was endless! It seems that ALL of the flowers are their very favourite. But when we (the bigger gardeners) reviewed their list, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we shared a few top favourite flowers. 


The reds and yellows of the Nasturtium not only brightens up dull corners in a garden, but this wonder flower will grow out, or up, or wherever you want to go! It is perfect planted alongside peas for children’s garden teepees, climbing a wall to help get some beautiful privacy, or growing as a thick garden mass so that weeds don’t grow. This is one hardy plant - easy to plant, quick to start growing, and early to produce flowers. Seeds are also very easy to save, so even the youngest of children can grab a handful of seeds with ease for next year’s garden. 

The nasturtium is also an edible plant, so you can add the flowers onto a birthday cake, or into a salad for a great summertime boost of colour, or just not have to worry about your child eating whatever plant they happen to be near when in the garden. 

And just in case you haven’t fallen in love with this flower yet, the humble nasturtium can be used as a cut flower for inside the house and it lasts well, so when your little brings you a flower, you can be sure it will make you smile for a few days at least! 

2.Jerusalem Artichoke

The idea of growing a Jerusalem Artichoke for its flowers can be sort of an odd idea because, after all, the Jerusalem Artichoke is best known for its edible tuber roots and the tasty meals it can produce. But this plant is absolutely stunning and a beauty for old and young alike. The sunny yellow flowers are very much like a sunflower, but just a little smaller and without the large bunching of seeds on the face of the flower like a regular sunflower. Jerusalem Artichokes grow in clumps and in a very sunny spot can reach up to 12 feet tall. They tower high in the sky wherever they are planted and are an amazing sight to see! 

The Jerusalem Artichoke is perfectly easy to grow: just drop a tuber into the ground, cover with dirt and watch it grow. It does have a habit of propagating well, so digging up extra roots in the fall or early spring might be a good idea if you want to keep your number of Jerusalem Artichoke flowers in check. And when you have the extra roots all dug, clean them up, bring them in the kitchen, throw some oil on them and roast them in the oven alongside a pan of potatoes. Yum!


With their smell so intoxicating, what isn’t there to love about Lavender? These hardy bushes are perennial so the kids will get to know where they are in the garden and be ready for them to bloom! Our little gardeners love to pick these flowers as soon as they are in bloom - we place them in vases and enjoy them freshly picked or we love to dry them and let them hang upside down to dry anywhere we can find a spot! 

And we think that the best perk of all is that our favourite lavender flowers can be made into the most wonderful lavender iced tea or lavender lemonade for an impromptu garden tea party on a nice summer day!

Nasturtiums, Jerusalem Artichokes and Lavender are our top 3 favourite kid friendly garden flowers, but we know that there are just so many more wonderful flowers for little hands to grow, each just as fabulous as the others! What are your favourite flowers for little gardeners?


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