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Lettuce be Thankful! (Or Thanksgiving Lettuce)

We are officially into August, and as much as I am hesitant to admit that summer is nearing (or past) that halfway mark, I am just as excited to get planting again! 

Only this time, instead of planting tomatoes and cucumbers, now is the perfect time for planting your very own homegrown Thanksgiving salad feast.  Lettuces, kales, collards, mustard greens, short season carrots, radishes and even kohlrabi can be a most colourful and tasty centerpiece to your thanksgiving meal this year.

All it takes is some seed, soil and patience. So grab your children, and let’s get planting!

For best results in fall plantings, particularly in our growing zone her in Southwestern Ontario, it is important to only choose plants that enjoy cooler temperatures, have shorter growing cycles of 50 days or less, and can handle light frosts. These plantings can also have a longer lifespan if they are in a location that could possibly be covered in the case of an early frost or longer cold spell, but covering can be as simple as a tomato cage with an old bedsheet or as sophisticated as a cloche. 

In any case, fall plantings are often easier to find successful than summer growing, and the promise of a plentiful thanksgiving fall feast is a wonderful reason to get planting today!

Shop now to take advantage of our Beag Fall Planting Sale!

We are excited to introduce our new Beag Fall Planting kits!

These fall planting packs include both the seeds and burlap sack for planting them in, and are especially priced during the sale for just $5 each. Also, all of our cold weather crop seeds - lettuce, greens and more -  are on sale 25% off! Since planting is best done now, these seeds will only be on sale until Saturday, August 17th.


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