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2019 Seed Starting Challenge Day 1

There was much discussion in our house about this seed starting challenge!

Now that the sun is actually starting to shine, and the calendar says it is spring, the conversation has definitely turned to talk of seeds and gardens. And the debate was on: were tomatoes or zinnias the choice seed for this challenge?

In the end, we just couldn’t reach an agreement. And somewhere along the line, a third seed was added into the mix. So, for the 2019 Seed Starting Challenge, we will be planting Beam’s Yellow Pear Tomatoes, Zinnias, and Russian Pickling Cucumbers. What will you be planting?

Today’s challenge has us starting our seeds in recycled coffee cups, and I really do think they are the perfect size, so it should work out really well! 

The air is still quite cold here in Ontario, even if the sun is shining and the calendar says “spring”, so we grabbed a tablecloth, put it on the ground picnic style in the middle of the floor and went to work. 

We grabbed our shovel and put the soil in the cups. The seeds followed quickly, and our seed starting was done in less than 10 minutes of starting. A quick bit of watering and the job was pretty much completed! One cup has 2-3 zinnia seeds, another has 1 cucumber seed, and the third has 4 tomato seeds. That is a great start to our summer garden!

To make seed starting successful, it is important to keep the seeds moist, so our choice here is to cut the zip edge off recycled ziplock bags, cut to size, and affix the bag to our recycled planter cups with an elastic band. 

These seedlings will sit in a sunny window and grow as we continue to add more plants through this challenge for the rest of the week - and by then, we will even be rewarded with a few tiny green shoots. How did your seed starting go today?


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