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Kale and the other Cool Crops

Sometimes I feel sorry for kale. It is a great-for-you food that has become really synonymous with healthy eating. But doesn’t all great-for-you food taste, well, “healthy”? I mean, really, how many kids do you know that would choose to eat “healthy” food?

Well, I don’t know how many kids would exactly choose to eat “healthy” foods, but I do know a lot of kids that would choose to eat kale. In fact, I know a lot of kids that love to eat kale.


The real tricky part is that all of those kids started eating kale right out of the garden. They weren’t eating “healthy” foods, they were simply eating the plants they grew. 

Would they touch it in their dinner plate? Nope. Notta. Never.

But in the garden? Right freshly picked by their own hand? Yup. Every time. 

In fact, I would even find gardening students searching out the garden all by themselves just to munch on a handful of greens. All summer long. 

So what do you think? Would your kids venture to munch on their own home grown greens? You might just be surprised! And since spring is a great time to grow these cool temperature loving crops, we are offering 25% off cool weather garden seed packs - kale, lettuces, pack choy and Swiss chard until May 3rd, 2019. Let’s get our kids planting (and eating) greens this summer! 


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