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Juice Box Planters!

Yesterday, I said that tin cans were my favourite recyclable for planting, but I am going to say that after planting seeds in the single serving juice boxes, I might have to change my mind! These juice boxes are a great size for seedlings, their rectangular shape means that they fit nicely on a tray if you are planting more than one, and they are definitely easier to cover with plastic wrap than the other round containers. The only real difficulty that we faced with this particular recyclable container is that it really did need a small shovel (like this one). Even a hand trowel was just too large.

But really, if you are sending juice boxes with kids every day, the numbers of these empty juice boxes can start to add up, so why not use them for something good once the juice is all gone? 

The preparations for planting the juice box are simple - simply cut off the top of the box to allow for an open end, rinse and fill with soil. Plant as usual, water, and cover with plastic to keep in the moisture. We again planted tomatoes, cucumbers and zinnias, as we have done throughout the balance of this challenge. 

Now that there are twelve little planted containers sitting in our sunny window, the kids are checking in often for those first few signs of growth. I think that there is even a little contest ongoing - which seeds will be the first to sprout? When will it happen? Will it all happen in the order of planting or will the shape, size and material of the planter make any difference on the plant growth?

We’ll let you know as soon as there is any growth to report! How are your seedlings doing? Are there any challenge seedlings growing yet in your house? Don't forget to post your challenge pictures to a comment on our Beag Facebook page for a chance to win the challenge prize pack!


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