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Is It Tomato Time?

You betcha!

Now is the absolute perfect time for you and your little gardener to plant tomato seeds, pepper seeds,and ground cherries too! Here in Southwestern Ontario, our last frost date is somewhere around mid to late May depending on your exact location, so planting those seeds in a sunny windowsill now will give them a good solid 6 weeks of growing time before they go outside for the summer. 

All of these heat loving crops can even linger in their pots to grow a little longer before planting outside - if the weather looks cold longer in May, do these guys a favour and don’t plant them in the garden until the first week, or even second week of June. Your tomatoes (and peppers, eggplants, tomatillos and ground cherries too!) will thank you for it and reward you with spectacular growth.

And while you are waiting for the last frost date to pass us by, now is the perfect time to start weather watching and thermometer reading with your little gardener. It is amazing how many things can be learned in the garden!

It also isn’t too late to order these heat loving seed packs from Beag in time to get planting. Until Easter (April 20th, 2019), kid’s tomato, pepper, and ground cherry seed packs are all on sale 25% off in the Beag store!


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