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Day Two - Plastic Anyone?

The challenge for planting today is to productively use some plastic recyclables that we all have lying around. For us, that means large size yogurt containers, but it could mean any sort of pre-used container as long as it is made out of plastic. 

Now, keep in mind that we are using these containers to start seedlings - they are not meant to be a forever home for our plants - so it will not be necessary to put drainage holes in the bottom of these plastic containers as we would if they were to be long term planting containers. Having said that, it is important to remind anyone watering these seedlings that they do need to water carefully so as not to flood the little seeds and seedlings. 

Today, once again, we were planting inside (warmer temperatures have to come soon, right?), so down went our tablecloth, and we filled our yogurt containers with soil. Because our containers were larger, the kids decided that filling the container only half full was a good idea, so we may end up trimming those containers down later if needed to keep sunlight on the little plants. 

Again, we planted the same three types of seed, the Beams Yellow Pear Tomato, Zinnia, and Russian Pickling Cucumber. This time, 2-3 zinnia seeds went in one container, 2 tomato seeds went in another, and 2 cucumber seeds were planted in the third container.

Straight away it was easy to see the the larger containers were easier for the kids to handle. Cleanup was minimal and the task was once again completed from beginning to end in less than 10 minutes. Seeds were planted, watered, covered with recycled clear plastic and placed in the sunny window alongside yesterday’s challenge seedlings.

What we are learning is that 10 minutes of planting each day is yielding a nice number of seedlings for our summer garden. We can't wait to see which plants grow better in which pots! 

How is your planting going?


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