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Burlap Sack - The Next Best Gardening ‘Thing’?

Garden pots come in plenty of different colours shapes and sizes, don’t they? I mean, there are tall ones and large ones, round ones and square ones, and even a few oblong or honeycomb shapes to round out our flowerpot buying choices. 

But in the end, the shape matters so much less than the materials making up our growing spot. The Micro Gardener has a great post about safe gardening containers that is totally worth a read. It turns out that there is so much more to container gardening than many of us gardeners ever consider. Until recently I never knew to wonder if my planters were food safe. I guess I kind of just figured that something meant for growing food would just have to be food safe. With all my illusions shattered, I did some more digging and it all left me more than a little wary of all the planters in my garden.

So - if food safety of your garden container is important to you and your family, then I highly recommend the information that Anne Gibson has provided on her website (the Micro Gardener). For me and my family, I am keeping our containers wood, ceramic (food safe dish ware) or my newest favourite: burlap sacks!

Burlap is inexpensive, food safe, biodegradable, great sizes, easy to set up, and flexible for garden trials and placement. It is also the perfect solution for our young gardeners that want a small garden of their own. We had some fun planting our potatoes in burlap sacks just this past weekend and they look great.

The humble burlap sack might just be the next best gardening ‘thing’!


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