Are you looking for great ideas to make your gardening experience more fun?

Look no further - here are some of our most favourite nature/gardening ideas, resources and websites:

Starting Seeds

There are many fun ways to start seeds for your garden. Here are a few!

1. In an ice cream cone.

Nature Scavenger Hunts

Something different than a 'plain old' scavenger hunt - instead of looking for that purple flower or the maple leaf, this scavenger hunt focuses more on finding shapes and textures: Get the free printable here.

Nature Journaling 

Nature Journaling is a truly awesome way to learn about the world around us - no matter how old we are! 

Make your own beautiful nature journal with a twig, elastic and some paper. Find out how to get started here.

Nature Crafts

Gardens are also a great reason to get creative. Try these fun garden crafts: 

Make your own seed paper! This is an awesome garden craft anytime, but is perfect in the fall and winter when gardening season is over, the seeds have been gathered, and gift giving season is just about to begin. Learn how to make your own seed paper here.

Wood Spoon Plant Signs are a great way to help your kids know which plants are which as they grow in the garden. Grab some wooden spoons and some paint and get painting. You can find some inspiration here.

Finding the perfect watering can for little hands can be a very difficult thing! Check out this really practical and very easy solution here. All you need is an empty juice/milk jug to make your kids a great watering can for their very own.

Things to do Outside

Nature is never boring, but sometimes it can be overhwelming - after all, with so much to do, how you can you pick just one thing? Here is a very big list of 101 things to keep you and your kids busy in the great outdoors.



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