Gardening with children - tips and Tricks

Gardening with children can be a lot of fun, but if we are completely honest, we have to admit that it can also be frustrating too. We hope that these tips, tricks and thoughts are helpful in your family's gardening journey! We think that the rewards are worth every fun, frustrating moment. 

How to Start a Garden with Kids

Gardening with Kids (without going insane)

Seed Starting
There are many fun ways to start seeds for your garden. Here are a few!

1. In an ice cream cone.

Watering your Garden

Clay pots make the perfect watering solution for small gardens. Ollas are simple to make, but they are also a great teaching tool for the sciences involved in water retention and can introduce the idea of different cultural influences in found in gardening tradition. Not only that, but they make watering gardens fun and easy too! Get instructions here.

Finding the perfect watering can for little hands can be a very difficult thing! Check out this really practical and very easy solution here. All you need is an empty juice/milk jug to make your kids a great watering can for their very own.

Reading a Seed Packet

We don't know about you, but for us, one of the most confusing parts of starting to garden was trying to understand all of the information on the seed packet. What does partial sun really mean? Does 120 days mean from the time I plant the seed in the ground? How far apart do I plant? The questions just kept coming. The more we read, the more confused we got! If you are as confused as we were, check out this great primer on reading that (very informative) seed packet.

Gardening by the Moon

Lunar Gardening Calendar and information with this Moon Calendar.

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