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Who Are We?

We are the O'Connor's - a homeschooling family living on a basic city lot, in a mid sized city in Ontario, Canada. And we are working to turn our little, non-descript, fairly common yard into a beautiful and abundant urban farm. We are passionate about education, kids and all things fun and healthy about gardening. 

What is Beag?

When our children decided that gardening and farming was important to them, then it became important to us too. We started with a garden and then kept adding, growing, learning and even teaching as the idea of Beag grew along with every planted seed in our gardens.


And so, Beag is our family's not-so-little experiment and foray into the wonderful world of urban agriculture.


Beag is also our way to help other families get as excited about gardening as we are. 

Why 'Beag'?

Quite honestly, we just thought that it was awesome-cool that the Gaelic word for 'little' is so close to the english word for 'big'. And since we are the O'Connor's, it just seemed like a good thing to name our 'big' experiment on our 'little' piece of land 'Beag'.

We also like the idea that the future of food in our world will come about because the 'little' children today will create the 'big' changes needed in our food economies and systems. 

Big changes start because someone plants a tiny seed. Join us as we hope to make 'Beag' things happen from our little corner of the world!

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